How Long Will a Mozfog® Fogger Run For?

When fully charged, Mozfog® Foggers operate for 4 hours, releasing vapor every 3 seconds. A full tank will last up to 12 hours. You can also power it with the Mozfog™ Supercharger for up to 12 hours of runtime.

    Why Would I Buy a Mozfog® Over Other Devices?

    • Using foggers to dispense insect repellents provides a visible indication of dispersal, helping prevent inadvertent inhalation. Unlike other repellent devices that release invisible chemicals across broad areas, foggers allow for more controlled application, ensuring safety and precision in protecting specific zones.
    • Environmentally conscious: Say goodbye to the wasteful cycle of gas canisters, pads, and excessive packaging that some other devices use.
    • Mozfog® fog dissipates within a confined area and doesn't carry off with the breeze, unlike ALL other products.

    What Are Mozfog's Limitations?

    Wind affects all insect repellent devices. Therefore, placing your Mozfog® to optimally disperse the fog within your area will ensure peak performance. Luckily, mosquitoes tend to steer clear of breezy environments.

    What is Mozfog's Coverage Area?

    Mozfog® is specifically engineered as a personal insect repellent barrier. The fog produced by Mozfog® is designed to dissipate within a limited range, ensuring it does not drift away as easily as other products. This feature is effective regardless of the type of repellent used, keeping the application localised to your immediate area.