Instruction Guide

How to Set Up and Activate Your Mozfog® Fogger



Your Mozfog® device and its components are securely packaged together. To access them, gently rotate the top counterclockwise and remove it.

Initial Setup

1. Charging: Use only the provided USB cable to charge your Mozfog® from a 5V USB port with an output of 1-2 amps*. A small red indicator light next to the charging port will illuminate while charging and will turn off once the device is fully charged. Disconnect the device once charged.
⚠️You should not leave lithium batteries connected to chargers.
⚠️ * Exceeding the recommended power input for the device will cause damage and void warranty.

1A. Supercharger: If you're using the Mozfog Supercharger, make sure both it and your Mozfog® device are fully charged. The Supercharger will flash red when charging, and stop when full. Simply connect the Supercharger to your Mozfog® and switch to the intermittent setting. Now, you're all set with an extended 12 hours of protection!

2. Wick Preparation: Carefully remove the plastic cover from the wick by pulling it out, remove wick and set it aside for now. (There is a spring inside the cover at the base, don't let it fall out)

3. Filling the Reservoir: Begin by adding the concentrate of your choice as per its instructions to an empty container. Then fill it to the "MAX" line with water, which is typically about 20mm from the top—always add concentrates first for best results. For the recommended PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate, a dosage of 10 drops will achieve a 99.9% water to concentrate ratio, equivalent to 1ml per 1 litre of water. This is the manufacturer's recommended dose for fogging devices.

4. Wick Placement: Immerse the wick into the container for 5 minutes to allow it to absorb the liquid. Reassemble the wick and its outer plastic holder, ensuring the saturated end of the wick is inserted first. Make sure to wash your hands immediately after handling the wet wick.

5. Reassembly: Align the top with the base and rotate it clockwise to lock it into place.

Operating Instructions

1. Activation: To start the device with a continuous flow, press and hold the "On" button. For intermittent flow (every 3 seconds), press the button again briefly. To switch off the device, press the button briefly once more.

2. LED Light Control: To disable the colored LED light, press and hold the "On" button while the device is in continuous flow mode.

3. Low Liquid Alert: Your Mozfog® will automatically shut off if it detects a low level.

4. Placement: Wind can influence the effectiveness of insect repellent devices, coils, candles, and the like. Use this to your advantage by directing the vapor towards your desired area. Luckily, mosquitoes aren't too fond of breezy conditions.

5. Storage: Mofog® Device - Store in safe dry place, in upright position. Do not operate in rain. 


☑️Always maintain a small amount of liquid the Mozfog® to prevent the wick from drying out.
☑️Fully charge your Mozfog® on the day of use to ensure full battery.
☑️You can operate your Mozfog® using a low power USB power source for convenience. High power charging will damage battery.
☑️Keep the vapor outlet of your Mozfog® clean and free from sand, dust, or any foreign particles, as these can obstruct the vapor outlet. Ensure it is operated and stored upright.