Mozfog in use

how it works

Charge your Mozfog® Fogger via USB, infusing it with either the recommended repellent or a natural mixture you prefer. Utilising advanced ultrasonic technology, Mozfog® efficiently converts water-based repellent formulas into a fine fog, dispersed in 3-second bursts for up to 4 hours. For optimal results with Pyrethrum-based repellents, a 99.9% water dilution rate ensures effective protection against mosquitoes, sandflies, and midges. The fogger’s visible fog creates a protective perimeter, providing an effective barrier in your personal outdoor space.

the story

In the breathtaking yet mosquito-dense landscapes of Western Australia's Kimberley region, adventurer, former Kimberley Ranger, and entrepreneur Mark Murray spent two years meticulously crafting and perfecting his invention.
A recipient of the Australian Government's Innovation Award, Mark's ambition was nothing less than to engineer a personal mosquito repellent device that would outperform all others he had encountered in his travels. He prioritised both efficiency and affordability, infusing the product with a touch of his own personality. By 2023, his vision was realized with the creation of 'Mozfog®'.

whats with the shape?

We aimed to create a unique, and cool looking, alternative to traditional repellent devices that use costly gas canisters and synthetic pads. The Mozfog® Fogger employs a visible fog to disperse water-based insect repellent concentrates, diluted simply with water. Distinctively designed like a beverage can encased in a Magnetic Can Cooler, it can be placed in various locations and doubles as a back-up cooler if you get caught out. Oh, and no, it's not possible to drink from it 😊