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Mozfog® Fogger

Mozfog® Fogger

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The Mozfog® Fogging Device is an efficient and economical solution for dispersing water-based insect repellents, whether it's your homemade natural mixture or the recommended Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate (AKA "Mozfog Juice"), which is approved for use in fogging devices. Simply charge the device via USB and fill it with your chosen repellent. It uses advanced ultrasonic technology to convert repellent into a fog that's released in 3-second bursts for up to 4 hours. The Mozfog® Fogging Device offers the most efficient and cost-effective way to disperse any compatible repellent.

Mozfog® Fogger Pack Contents

  • 1 x Mozfog® Fogger Device (Inc USB charging cable).
  • 1 x Mozfog® Premium Magnetic Can Cooler.
  • 1 x Mozfog® Sticker.

Mozfog® Specifications
Input Voltage: 5V 1.0A
Output: 5V 1.0A. 2W
Battery Capacity: 800mAh/3.7V
Can Capacity: 260ml
Run Time: Up to 4 hours in burst mode per charge.